East Key Realty was created by an agent for agents. Owner Crystal Perham set out to offer this structure because she had seen a high need for this model in an industry that so many agents struggle. Wishing there was a real estate brokerage that takes less and gives more. I am here to tell you that as an agent I've been there. Working for too many companies that take way too much of our hard-earned money.

"Hi, I am Crystal Perham, Broker Owner of East Key Realty. When I first entered the real estate business in Las Vegas NV in 2008 I started my career with Coldwell Banker, the market was tough, maybe tough is an understatement, but I remember running my tail off for that very first sale. Not even having enough money to pay my real estate dues to join the board, times were crucial for me. I remember selling my very first house, a home on Yamamoto St, the property if I recall sold for $199k and my commission check was for right around $6,000, not bad right? Until I received my check, it was for LESS than $3,000 dollars. I remember feeling relieved that I got the check and I was able to join the board. It cost me right around $1500 to join the Las Vegas board and I remember thinking to myself... man I paid the brokerage a lot of money. As I continued to work and hustle, I met another agent and we chatted a bit, she said "Why don't you join me at my company?" At the time, the company was NRS (Nevada Realty Solutions) and I decided to have a conversation with them. They offered a 90/10% split with a transaction fee per sale and I was like this is awesome. I worked my tail off that year (you had to when everything was foreclosed and the average house was $50,000-$75,000), but I didn't care because, I was keeping almost everything I was bringing in. When NRS gave the news they were going to be a franchise I was bummed, totally left feeling like what am I going to do now? I decided to shop around and went to Elite Realty. They offered 100% commission with a flat transaction fee for each sale. If I recall it was something around $500 (it was a long time ago!) but I remember being relieved that I found this broker, because all I really wanted to do was just work and not give all my money away. When I left to come back home to NH, and I got my license again and I set out looking for "that" brokerage. You know? The brokerage that still had broker support if you had a question, but also did not keep all my money. I came up empty, everything out here in 2011-2012 was the same old thing, the business model where you can hang your license but the brokerage is going to keep most of your money and when your done paying the brokerage, paying for leads, paying for taxes there was no money left, you're lucky to clear 40 cents on the dollar.

Well that brings me to now. I feel that something must change for agents. Agents need more and our area needs more brokerages like this. I said to myself if the west coast can offer this to agents then why can't we?

So here it is, no gimmicks, no games, no drama, no bait and switch. Black and White and I am not going to drag you into an hour meeting to tell you what our commission splits look like. If you are an agent like me then you want more and when we say more, we mean more money. More freedom to not only run your business the way you want to but to get paid like a business owner.

So if this appeals to you, if this resonates with you, call me and we can have a chat, you can come by our office, ask me any questions you want and there is no pressure, NONE! I do not believe in high pressure when it comes to making a decision about a brokerage, I believe it is a very personal decision and I want agents who are excited about this mentality and see the value in what we are offering. If you are that agent call me. Conversations are always confidential 603-233-0197."

"In my first year at East Key Realty I kept about $40,000 that I wouldn't have seen at my previous brokerage"

Alex LaChance - REALTOR

"I had just done a deal and put $17,000 into my money market fund in one shot. I'm thrilled that I made the switch." 

Elena Kosky - REALTOR

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